CFBPredictions is for the ultimate glory of my Savior and Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ! How to go to Heaven » is an incentives-based college sports website where fans compete in prediction contests for a chance to win prizes, points, recognition and other rewards. Originally launched in 2006, the site offered Big 12 fans a way to make weekly picks on games from the conference in a season long prediction contest. Since then, the number of contests have expanded to include every BCS conference, Top 25 games, bowl games, season predictions, Top 25 basketball games and the NCAA Tournament. Essentially, we run a prediction league for 22 contests that run alongside college football and basketball seasons.
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It's our intention and hope to provide added interest and enjoyment for fans as they watch and follow the collegiate game.

CFBPoints and Community

As the founder and publisher of CFBPredictions has gone from knowing absolutely nothing about the internet when the site started up to delving into the world of web development as a hobby, CFBPredictions has expanded its features beyond the prediction contests themselves. Beginning in 2009, the site added a Membership Rewards virtual currency system called CFBPoints and a community complete with profiles and groups. The community gave predictors their own profile, achievements page to display virtual awards won from contests and a personal activity feed which keeps track of CFBPoints that are earned from site actions and contest accomplishments. The community also allows for fans to interact through friendships, followers, story posts, personal messaging, discussions, groups, photos and videos.

For more details on CFBPoints and how they tie into prediction contests and the community visit the CFBPoints page.


We like to award and recognize winners of our contests. Each member is given their own points and achievements page to display their awards from seasons present and past. In addition, a list of all available trophies, medals, community badges and which members hold them can be viewed under the Achievements menu. For a quick view of past prediction champions, weekly winners and record holders, view the Winners Wall.

News & Predictions

It's helpful to predict games with current information about teams and players so an expert predictions section was added to assist predictors in knowing up to date information that could affect the outcome of games. In addition, a predictions section was added which displays computer model predictions for upcoming games. This section is useful for both contestants and visitors looking for score predictions without the need for in-depth analysis.

Disclaimer: CFBPredictions does not condone or promote gambling or betting on games nor is it our purpose to assist doing so. Therefore, predictions published on the site do not include anything regarding game lines, spreads or betting. Predictions provided on the site should be used solely for informational purposes and aiding contestants with contest predictions. If you have a problem with gambling please visit for human support and look to Jesus Christ for spiritual victory (recommended).